• I watched him against his peer group as a 19 year old

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  • The canada goose outlet eu game could supplement a high school

    cheap canada goose uk Do you have what it takes to be an ethical hacker? Can you step into the shoes of a professional paid to outsmart supposedly locked down systems? cheap canada goose uk

    canada goose coats on sale Now you can at least try, no matter what your background, with a new card game developed by University of Washington computer scientists. canada goose coats on sale

    “Control Alt Hack” gives teenage and young adult players a taste of what it means to be a computer security professional defending against an ever expanding range of digital threats. The game’s creators will present it this week in Las Vegas at Black Hat 2012, an annual information security meeting.

    Canada Goose sale “Hopefully players will come away thinking differently about computer security,” said canada goose outlet location creator Yoshi Kohno, a UW associate professor of computer science and engineering. Canada Goose sale

    The target audience is 15 to 30 year olds with some knowledge of computer science, though not necessarily of computer security. The canada goose outlet eu game could supplement a high school or introductory college level computer science course, Kohno said, or it could appeal to information technology professionals who may not follow the evolution of computer security.

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    “We wanted to dispel people’s stereotypes about what it means to be a computer scientist,” Denning said.

    The UW group licensed the game’s mechanics from award winning game designer Steve Jackson of Austin, Texas. They hired an artist to canada goose clothing uk draw the characters and a Seattle firm to design the graphics.

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  • Not everyone in New Orleans gave Patterson the cold shoulder

    New Orleans’ Audrey Patterson makes Olympic history

    Patterson would finish third, behind gold medalist Fanny Blankers Koen of canada goose outlet parka Holland (right, wearing number 692) and silver medalist Audrey Williamson cheap Canada Goose canada goose outlet toronto factory (third from left, number 723), but her bronze would make her the first African American women in history to win an Olympic medal. Today, the series continueswith the history making 1948 run of track star Audrey “Mickey” canada goose outlet new york city Patterson.

    THEN: In 1948, New Orleans native Audrey “Mickey” Patterson packed her bags for London. Track and Field Team and a chance to compete in the 1948 London Olympic Games. She did more than just compete, though. The 22 year old canada goose outlet made history, finishing third in the women’s 200 meter dash and becoming the first African American woman in history to win an Olympic medal.

    NOW: Patterson died in 1996 at the age buy canada goose jacket of canada goose outlet uk sale 69 at Paradise Valley Hospital in San Diego. While her on the track accomplishments were for years largely ignored in her hometown, she has come to be appreciated and celebrated as the trailblazing star she was. In 1978, she was inducted into the Allstate Sugar Bowl Greater New Orleans Sports Hall of cheap canada goose uk Fame, and in 2000 she was posthumously enshrined in the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. “She was a true pioneer in the sport,” said USA Track Field historian Hal Bateman, historian of USA Track Field, “but Mickey was a lot more than that. She was a major contributor to the sport long after she finished running.”Patterson made no bones about how much it stung that her victory went largely uncelebrated in New Orleans, with no parade or formal celebration held in her honor; with Mayor Chep Morrison declining to attend a community organized fete in her honor; and with The Times Picayune, in canada goose outlet online uk its coverage of the London Games, never once mentioning she was a canada goose clearance New Orleans native. “I canada goose coats on sale think I’ll always be a little hurt about the way New Orleans treated me,” she would say in 1976. “The little that was done was almost an afterthought. It was heartbreaking, really.” Patterson was born in 1926 to Lionel and Josephine Patterson. She grew up on Genois Street in official canada goose outlet Gert Town and attended Danneel Elementary School, where she first developed an interest in sprinting events. She then attended Gilbert Academy, where she excelled as a dancer, singer and band member. She canada goose outlet store also played on the basketball team, but when Olympic legend Jesse Owens gave a speech at Gilbert in 1944, Patterson felt like he was talking directly to her, which inspired her commitment to track. “Cinders have been my diet ever since that day,” she told The Item newspaper in 1950. women’s team in the canada goose outlet black friday 200 meters (which she won at the trials) and the 100 meters (in which she finished third despite being locked into the women’s room before the race). The 200 women’s final in London was an interesting affair. While the Netherlands’ Francina Blankers Koen blazed to an easy canada goose outlet nyc gold, the next three finishers including Patterson, who was 21 at the time finished just a tenth of a second apart. After deliberating, judges determined that Patterson had nosed out Shirley Strickland of Australia for bronze. Patterson didn’t rest on her Olympic laurels. In August 1948 at an international meet in Paris, she won the 100 meters, prompting the Pittsburgh Courier to call canadian goose jacket her “New Orleans’ ambassador of speed and America’s fastest runner.” The Amateur Athletic Union named Patterson its Woman Athlete of the Year in 1949. Not everyone in New Orleans gave Patterson the cold shoulder in the years right after her Olympic glory. When she was barred from training at City Park, Loyola University coach Jim McCafferty came forward and offered her use of the Loyola cinders. team. Dejoie Jr., who presented her with a check at a testimonial dinner hosted by Coca Cola executives. Patterson would eventually finish her college Canada Goose Coats On Sale education by earning a degree from Southern University in New Orleans. After relocating her family to San Diego in 1963, Patterson formed “Mickey’s Missiles,” a community track club for kids aged 6 to 18. She coached more than 5,000 young athletes through the program, which produced multiple future Olympians, including Jackie Thompson and Dennis Mitchell. DNA

    New Orleans’ reputation for producing world class athletes is well known. And while Patterson’s was, ironically, largely unknown https://www.georg-godorr.de for years by many in her hometown, her accomplishments on the track are no less significant or inspirational, and her place in the pantheon of great Canada Goose Outlet New Orleans athletes undeniable. At least one newspaper seemed to recognize that at the time. The Item offered readers glowing and extensive coverage of Patterson’s career, including multiple feature stories and a fair amount of attention from its sports columnists. It was in The Item that Patterson perhaps canada goose outlet reviews described her legacy and her pride in it for all time. “I try to be humble, like a good Christian,” she told Item sports editor Scoop Kennedy, “but when I see my name in the Golden Olympic cheap canada goose canada goose outlet jackets Book, I just crinkle all over.